"The first 7 string Bass Guitarist"



Bass Inside Magazine - No 20 - May 2005

Extended Range Basses in Bass Inside Magazine.pdf


bulletBass Guitar Magazine, issue 17, 2005 "Multi Strings"
bulletBass Inside Magazine - February 04 - Editorial
bulletPublishers insight into Garry Goodman's bass playing.
bulletBass Inside Magazine - February 04 - Interview
bulletInterview with Garry Goodman in Bass Inside Online Magazine.
bulletAmerican Federation of Musicians' - International Article  -  June 04
bulletArticle  discussing Garry's technique Percussive Harmonics and the C#00  string.
bulletSan Diego Union Tribune Article - July  04
bulletGeneral description of Garry's musical endeavors.
bulletBass Guitar Magazine - September/October  Issue 14
bulletFull page ad for the Basson B510SC cabinet, made to accommodate the Adler 11 String Bass. This is an International Magazine.
bullet Big Bottom Magazine,Dec. 2005
bulletGarry Goodman on Innovation and Growth
bulletBass Talk - January 06,2006 - PDF File

Bassics Magazine Issue #40 - Interview