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Octave4Plus plain steel strings are different from standard plain steel strings. With the average .007 or .008 plain steel string, you are given the gauge information, but not the specific pitch or scale length information.
We know that an .007 or .008 string at the 25.5" scale can tune to E4 329.63 Hz, to the F4 above that, and the F#4 and G4 above that. At this point, it has been "hit and miss" with G#4 and we have yet to find a plain steel string (other than an Octave4Plus string) that can actually tune to A440 Hz at the 25.5" scale. We have heard rumors, but have yet to see or hear recorded video or audio to authenticate these claims.

 If you have tried to tune up to A4, then you know the all too familiar "snap" before you reach A440 Hz.

Some believe that a thinner gauge string will automatically tune to a higher pitch. This is not the case.
Octave4Plus strings are pitch specific for each scale length.
Octave4Plus strings are made to order.
 Octave4Plus offers an .009 A440 string as well as an .008,.007,.006 and .005.

All of these are designed to tune to A440 Hz. There are several versions of each gauge of string,

each designed for your particular scale length.
 Buying a 30" A4 string so you can tune to B4 at 26" doesn't apply with Octave4Plus strings. You would want to order a B4 string for the 26" scale to assure that you have the right string for the scale length and pitch.

Octave4Plus also offers companion E4 and B3 strings for Tonal Unity with the high A4, Bb4 or B4 string.

Octave4Plus strings are made with the patented O4P ball ends.

These short video clips are provided to show those who have trouble envisioning an open A440 Hz string at the 26+" scale lengths, that these open string tunings are possible with Octave4Plus strings.

We will be adding performance videos featuring Octave4Plus strings being played soon.

Here are some examples of how Octave4Plus strings can expand your range.

Follow this link for the same G4 string @34" used to make a
3 octave tuning possible on the 4x3 octave 12-string bass: