Octave4Plus Custom- Made Strings

We manufacture plain steel and wound strings for musical instruments.
If you are looking for prepackaged string sets for electric guitar, electric bass guitar, etc. please check out G.H.S. Strings or S.I.T.  . 
We are a custom shop and manufacture strings based on the information you provide to us when you place an order.
We give each customer's order our full attention and when we receive many orders,  it may take some time to complete your strings. This is because we process each customer's project in the order in which it is received.
This "turnaround" time can take anywhere from one day to 8 or 9 weeks, depending on how many orders we have received prior to yours.
Most of our customers are professional musicians, luthiers, or musicians developing experimental instruments.

Octave4Plus™ are the plain steel strings that can tune
to the open string notes you've always wanted to tune
to, but could never attain with conventional strings.

 Octave 4 begins with C4, or middle C, 261.63 Hz. The
high E on the 24"-26" scale electric guitar is E4,
329.62 Hz. This has been the highest pitch for a
guitar's open strings . Some have tuned up to F4, F#4
and G4, the upper octave G on the electric 12-string guitar.

Some claim to have reached G#4, 415.30 Hz. Have you
ever tried to reach A440 only to have that string snap?

When bassist Garry Goodman conceived of a single course
12-string matching the range of a grand piano, he had
to develop a string that could tune to Ab4 at the 32"
scale. One of the by-products resulting from Garry's research and
development of the Ab4 string for the 32" scale is the A440 string
for the 26" - 30" scale. He discovered other tunings for other
instruments were now possible.

Here are some of the open notes now attainable with
the Octave4Plus™ string for non-fanned fret instruments:

A 440 for the 24"-30" scale (Bb4-C5 too!)
Ab4  for the 32" scale
G4, 392 Hz, for the 34" scale
F#4 for the 36" scale

At this time, these strings are hand wound and also
available for the Floyd Rose system.

Some of the new tunings the Octave4Plus™ strings
 make possible are:

3 octave tuning for the 4x3 12-string bass and sub bass
C5 all octave tuning for the 12-string electric guitar
B string in octaves for regular electric 12-string guitar tuning
High A for 7- and 8-string electric guitars
E4 for the 36" scale bass guitar
We make everything to order
Please allow  1 - 10 weeks  depending on what you order and the amount of orders placed ahead of yours at the time you order.

You must fill out the string design specification form located at the bottom of each page when ordering!

Please be sure about your order - NO REFUNDS


Our Policy
We are a custom string shop.
Nothing we make is prepackaged, just waiting to be drop-shipped. When you click on You are ordering custom made strings.  If you fail to submit the design specifications for the custom strings you have ordered (forms located at bottom of each order page) within 48 hours from the time you submit payment, you will be issued a credit which is good for 30 days and is not refundable.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and at anytime.

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