Standard Guitar String Sets

We make everything to order
Please allow  1 - 10 weeks  depending on what you order and the amount of orders placed ahead of yours at the time you order.
Our Policy
We are a custom string shop.
Nothing we make is prepackaged, just waiting to be drop-shipped. When you click on You are ordering custom made strings.  If you fail to submit the design specifications for the custom strings you have ordered (forms located at bottom of each order page) within 48 hours from the time you submit payment, you will be issued a credit which is good for 30 days and is not refundable.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and at anytime.

You must fill out the string design specification form  at the bottom of this page when ordering!

Please be sure about your order - NO REFUNDS

Electric Guitar String Sets

Vintage Nickel* Roundwound 6 String Set -    E       B      G      D      A      E
                                        Default gauges -  .011  .013  .018  .030* .042* .052*
When ordering this set please specify your preferred string gauges.
The price will remain the same.

Be sure to fill out the Acoustic string design specification form  at the bottom of this page when ordering!

Acoustic Guitar String Sets

     Phosphor Bronze Acoustic 6-String  (drop tuning)  23"-30" scale lengths
     .070  .045  .034  .024  .018p .015p                                             $18.00
(Default gauges are shown here, however you can substitute any gauges between .070 and 010)
Custom Dual Ball End Strings
 These guitar strings have a smaller sized ball end on each side of the string.
Custom 6-string guitar sets for scale lengths from 22"-30" with dual ball ends.    $37.50
Single plain steel dual ball end string Tonal Unity for E4,B3,G3  .019-.008         $8.00
Single wound dual ball end string .015-.098                                                       $12.00

Custom String Development and Testing

A) For 1 string              $25.00
B) For 1-3 strings         $75.00
C) For  1 string set       $100.00
D) For 1 string set        $150.00

The above Custom String Development options are only for developing custom strings and do not include the price of the strings.

So, what this does not pay for is the actual string set. Once we get the test set right, then you must send it back and we will make a new custom set.

Contact us before selecting and ordering these options!

Development & Testing
 length of your guitar and indicate if it has a back-loading bridge
with a string tree on the headstock or if it has a top loading bridge.

Even if you have given us your custom string specifications in an email, the strings will not be made unless all of the order specifications are on this form. This includes custom gauges and the intended tuning of the string or string set.

Octave4Plus was designed for professional level musicians and luthiers who know exactly what it is they need. 
We are here to answer all of your questions before you order.
Once you pay for your order, you must fill out the string design form found at the bottom of the page you ordered from. 

O4P Custom String Design Specification Form

You are ordering custom made strings. You must complete this form and submit it with your order

If the form is not working , please print the form and fill out and email to: octave4plus@yahoo.com

PayPal transaction number:        (required)




Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)  

  1.) I learned about Octave4Plus custom strings from:



  2) I ordered: (qty.) of this string/set:

  3) I want custom gauges for this set:

  4) The string or string set is going to be for a Guitar     Bass Guitar 

   Other: ( Use additional comments box at the bottom of this form)

  5) The tuning is:
   ( B0  is standard bass low B,  B1 for guitar low B,  E1 is bass low E,   E2 is guitar low E,   E4 is guitar high E etc.)

  5a) New tuning for you ? Yes No

  6) Manufacturer:

  7) Model:
   ( Email us a photo of your instrument's  headstock and bridge, no links to web pages please)

  8)  Bridge Type (Select one type below)

    a) Strings enter through the back and exit out the face of guitar
    b) Strings go through top loading bridge like Tune-O-Matic
    c) Strings just pop in a slot like a HipShot type "A" bridge
    d) Strings held by pins as on an acoustic guitar

   9) Instrument has  strings

   10) It's scale length is: (measure from bridge saddle to nut)

   11) The tuning peg configuration is: Top    Bottom ( example 3/3,  5/2 etc. )

    Inline: Yes:   No:

   12) The instrument has:  Guitar    Bass   Other
     Tuners/Tuning pegs with: Slots   or Holes

   12a) I need exposed core on guitar bass strings at the tuners: Yes:   No:

   13) Use: Guitar sized ball ends   Bass sized ball ends   Other to make these strings.

    14) The tuning peg for the lowest string is located  inches/cm from the headstock side of the nut.

   14a)  The tuning peg for the highest string (A4 etc.) is located inches/cm from headstock side of the nut.

   14b) What is the distance from the nut (the nut's edge on the headstock side) to each tuner?
                         (Example 2.5" A string, 4" D string etc.)  
   15) What is the measurement from the ball end's edge ( edge facing the pickups) , when the string is on the guitar to    
the edge of each tuner ?
                     (Example:  A string 33.5",  D string 35",  etc.) 
   16a) What is the measurement from the ball end's edge ( edge facing the pickups) when the string is on the guitar to the fretboard side edge of the nut  
   16b) What is the total length of each string from ball end's edge to the absolute end of string ?  

   17) The nut is: inches/cm thick and is made out of 

   18) The strings sit on the saddles about inches /cm from ball end edge.

   18a) The specific measurements from each string's saddle to ball end edge:
                        ( Example: E is 1 1/2",  A is 1 3/4" etc.)   

    18b) Wound string should taper for inches/cm from the ball end edge to where the full diameter of the string begins ( guitar standard usually 1", bass 2")

    18c) The string is full wrap, no taper at the bridge:  Yes:   No:

    19) Is there a string tree on the headstockYes:   No:

   20) Does the headstock tilt back ?   Yes:   No:
   21) Flexibility of the strings I ordered should be: (stiff, can be pulled 1/8", or 1/4", etc to either side when turned to pitch, loose etc.)


   22) Thread wrap?   Yes:   No:   Color ?:         

         Wrap starts at            inches/cm from nut.

   23) The timbre/tone quality of the wound strings should be:
          Bright:     Have a "Twang"    Mellow
   24) The wound strings are:
         A) Stainless Steel Roundwounds
         B) Nickel Plated Steel Roundwounds
         C) Phosphor/Bronze Roundwounds
         D) Stainless Steel Flatwounds
E) Alloy Roundwounds

  (Thread wrap is extra for guitar strings)

  Note: Make sure the gauge(s) of the string(s) you order can fit through all holes in the back of the guitar, bridge, and tuners etc..

  Additional Comments and information in box below: