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Please allow  1 - 10 weeks  depending on what you order and the amount of orders placed ahead of yours at the time you order.

Please be sure about your order- NO REFUNDS

Our Policy
We are a custom string shop.
Nothing we make is prepackaged, just waiting to be drop-shipped. When you click on You are ordering custom made strings.  If you fail to submit the design specifications for the custom strings you have ordered (forms located at bottom of each order page) within 48 hours from the time you submit payment, you will be issued a credit which is good for 30 days and is not refundable.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and at anytime.



Bass Ukulele  
Ohana OBU-22 Bass Ukulele String Set          $104.00

   The stainless steel flat wound strings are custom made specifically for the Ohana OBU-22. Each string is handmade. Be aware that once you order, it can take up to 10+ weeks before the set is completed and shipped. These strings can last as long as 2 years.


OBU-22 String Set
Concert Zither  
E5 .005 for Concert Zither                          $10.25


Hurdy Gurdy  
E5 string Hurdy Gurdy loop end                     $14.75
Custom Loop Banjo  
Custom Loop Banjo A4 string for the 26.5" scale        $12.00 ( 2 Strings )
Baritone Guitar Sets  
Custom Baritone set#1
A1-B1                                      B3
.060  .044  .036  .022  .014p  .011p                             $24.00
Cello Strings  
Custom Cello stainless steel (flatwound with bass ball end) .145    $48.00      
Custom Cello stainless steel (flatwound with bass ball end) .105    $43.00     
Custom Extreme Super Sub Contra Set 5  
Custom Extreme Super Sub Contra Set 5

(F000-F#0)                                           R&D plus set $260.00

Custom String Development and Testing

A) For 1 string              $25.00
B) For 1-3 strings         $75.00
C) For  1 string set       $100.00
D) For 1 string set        $150.00

The above Custom String Development options are only for developing custom strings and do not include the price of the strings.

So, what this does not pay for is the actual string set. Once we get the test set right, then you must send it back and we will make a new custom set.

Contact us before selecting and ordering these options!

Development & Testing

Octave4Plus was designed for professional level musicians and luthiers who know exactly what it is they need. 
We are here to answer all of your questions before you order.